Mr. Hijacker

Have you ever thought, I should have behaved differently?
Have you ever felt so guilty/ashamed /sad for yelling your child or someone?
Have you ever had facepalm? Oh Gosh! I could have said. I know the answer
Have you ever felt like hitting your head against the wall? My decision is not right. I lacked my common sense at that moment
Have you ever gone so mad for other’s actions or words?
I know you could have nodded your head at least once. These kinds of reactions are so common for anyone.
Who is the reason for all these? Don’t stare at your boss/spouse/child. They are not. It’s your emotions.
Emotions are the key drivers of our behaviour, decisions, relationship with others, and so on. Anything we do and we don’t do because of our emotions.
Why do you choose this dress among others?
Why do you like someone and dislike someone?
Why do you stay in this house or shift to another one?
Why do you shout at your messy child and love the same at another time?
Just because of our emotions. When we are in high emotional state (Pleasant/Unpleasant emotions), hijack our thinking and push us to react spontaneously. The same applies to our kids.
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is to be aware of our emotions and others, regulating it to enable our thinking to respond rather than react. To simplify even more, EI turns this hiJACKer into Titanic Jack (No facepalm). I mean, it saves you (Rose) from sinking into your emotions.

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