Do you want your kids to ?

Tame the stage
Overcome fear of speaking
Unleash the creative thinking
Improve body language
Nurture the leadership skills
Improve their self esteem


BrainGenie’s SpeaKing Starz, the certificate course on the public speaking will do the magic for your kids.

Why our program Is Unique?

  • Concepts are taught using internationally acclaimed creative concept MOT (Movement Oriented Training) for maximum retention and real life application.

  • Powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques are used for enhancing  confidence.

  • Program is Designed with well-structured games, activities, role plays, case studies and self-analysis tools

  • Facilitated by experienced and certified trainers

Our Mantra “Learning should be fun and continual”

What is Movement Oriented Training
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SpeaKing Starz Senior

Eligibility: Age 8 to 13

Level 1 certificate


Your kid will become a Confident Speaker with Level 1 completion. They will be able to reap the below benefits.

  • Overcome Fear of speaking
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Increase Confidence
  • Improve Body Language
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Better participation and interaction in school


Level 2 certificate


Your kid will become a Competent Speaker with Level 2 completion. They will reap the below benefits.

  • More recognition and more opportunities
  • Express their thoughts and ideas in better ways
  • The ability to use and control your voice more effectively
  • Presentation skills
  • Delivering interesting speech
  • Reading with proper modulation


Certificates for Finale


Your kid will become a Convincing Speaker with Level 3 completion. They will reap the below benefits.

  • Advanced Presentation skills
  • Training for competitions
  • Present your ideas convincingly
  • Project confidence and enthusiasm
  • Be able to structure your content for maximum impact
  • Greater awareness of your own non-verbal signals and how to interpret those of your audience


SpeaKing Starz Junior

Eligibility: Age 5 to 7

SpeaKing Starz Juniors


Your kid will be able to reap the below benefits by enrolling for the Speaking Starz Junior program.

  • Overcome the fear of speaking
  • Enhance the creativity
  • Ameliorate the expression of ideas
  • Improve the body language
  • Increase the self esteem
  • Project confidence and Enthusiasm
  • Better participation and Interaction in school


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A glimpse at our SpeaKing Starz workshop

Feedback from our participants’ parents

Parent of Aditya

Dear coach, Thank you for the efforts. Adithya enjoys the session. He presented in Infosys about Robotics project and they were impressed with the speech. He is selected to represent the batch in media. Your efforts have become fruitful.

Parent of Gautham

Thanks coach. Keep up the great job. Your greatest strength is that the kids love coming to your class.

Parent of Srinidhi

She used to look forward for fridays and used to start enthusiastically for the class. Special thanks to you and your team!

Parent of Sarang

Happy to see the picture ranjini. The kids look happy and most importantly confident. Thanks for the encouragement and looking fwd to the next session

Enquire and book your slot for our upcoming programs in Chennai
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