Whose Mistake??

Last week I conducted soft skills training on building self-confidence for students of two  reputed colleges in Chennai. One is leading women’s arts college and another top engineering college. Both are diverse set of students in terms of their subject, attitude, attentive span, energy, Intelligent Quotient and Emotional Quotient. Overall training program was highly energetic and enthusiastic because of young minds. During the training program, an activity was conducted asking the participants to write one positive quality about all their [...]


The Refrigerator Story

Few weeks ago, my relatively new Refrigerator got repaired in one of the hottest week of Chennai .Technician declared replacement. Life without refrigerator even for a day was unimaginable. I was really clueless on how to store dosa batter, vegetables, milk and so on. Parents and in laws started us with calls to enquire and console about it. First day, I found it very tough to cook correct quantity and to buy minimum vegetables required for a day. The second [...]

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