The Refrigerator Story

Few weeks ago, my relatively new Refrigerator got repaired in one of the hottest week of Chennai .Technician declared replacement. Life without refrigerator even for a day was unimaginable. I was really clueless on how to store dosa batter, vegetables, milk and so on. Parents and in laws started us with calls to enquire and console about it.

First day, I found it very tough to cook correct quantity and to buy minimum vegetables required for a day. The second day, I realized nothing can be done. Instead of moaning, all of us started to explore many options to store the food naturally. My mathematics skills improved to cook to exact quantity to avoid wasting .I called my grandma to get her opinion on to refrigerate the dosa batter naturally. This increased our bonding with granny and she also felt very happy and energetic to talk to me daily to give us tips. It was a golden opportunity to know our ancestral way of living.

My 2 year old son was way too happy for the repaired fridge. His creativity increased and he started to invent many innovative games with it. The repaired machine just enhanced the environment of our family to happy, healthy, creative and knowledgeable. I am not advocating that I would live without fridge but living this way is not the hardship I thought it would be. This experience really made me wonder what else I can learn to live without.

This small problem gave me unforgettable experience of re-living our ancestor days. I believe this is why problem is created by our creator. We have heard “Every problem has a solution” I would like to add to it, Every single problem is filled with experiences and learning which can be cherished forever.

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